Kylie Johnston

I would definitely recommend @Dinner Done! The variety is great and it’s been a wonderful week so far knowing we have frozen nutritious Home cooked meals at our fingertips, and when we have been time poor during the day it’s an absolute relief knowing dinner isn’t going to be a problem. It’s has really taken the stress away when we have taken a meal out of the freezer, as we always strive to provide healthy home cooked meals every night. Everything we have tried so far has been delicious! Well done Tee!


Jen Hall

very professional service that provides exceptional delicious healthy meals to get dinner done 🙌👌


Amy Lynn Pattullo

Excellent meal selection, great door to door service, and the food is delicious (I was surprised how juicy the chicken was, even after it was frozen!). The single serve meals helped me out during my third trimester of pregnancy when my FIFO husband was away (and I was far too tired to cook), and now with a newborn at home, we love the family sized meals (when we're still too tired to cook 😂). Thanks for offering this wonderful service!


Miriam Johnson

This service has helped me out this week, my mother in law has broken her shoulder, I will be visiting her for Christmas as she lives reasonably remotely, but have no time to cook some meals for her between now and Christmas! Beautiful, healthy, tasty, homemade food packaged perfectly for her to freeze, heat and eat. Thank you so much, I’m sure I will use this service again!


Tracey Scott

Amazing, tasty and healthy food! These are my weekday meals so I can spend more time doing what I love and not stressing about what to have for dinner or whose turn it is to cook.The biggest struggle I have at meal times now is which one to defrost. I used to eat so unhealthy because I would come home from work and nothing was organised so we would get takeaway or have something quick and unhealthy. If you don’t like cooking or are time poor, definitely check out Dinner done! Life changer for me x


Jess House

We are a busy family of four and sometimes there a just not enough hours in the day to get a yummy healthy home cooked meal on the table. I gave Menu 11 a whirl to eliminate stress and the food menu sounded way to delish to ignore. My fussy 6 year old eater inhaled the family meat pie tonight and we are looking forward to the next meal. Love supporting local businesses and families. Thanks Tee for spreading foody love.


Liz Dancer

Such a relief to not have to think about dinner or go shopping with a new baby. The meals are yummy and healthy. Thanks Tee xx


Libby Milligan

Loving the meals and the convenience. Definitely reordering!